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When you need printing services, let our specially trained staff guide you through the array of options when it comes to digital versus offset printing, paper selection, variable imaging, personalisation, and every minute detail of your project. At snap mail in Sydney, our representatives will help you decide what’s best for your printing needs, keeping your budget, demographics, and message in mind.

Offset Printing

The most traditional and more common method of commercial printing is called offset, or offset lithography. Your image to be printed is burned onto a metal plate, then transferred (offset) to a rubber blanket, and then printed directly onto your choice of media, such as paper or cardstock.

Digital Printing

Going digital means completely eliminating many of the mechanical aspects, such as using films, proofs, and metal plates. Digital printing goes directly from the desktop to the printer and is great for smaller jobs.


Offset vs Digital

Speak to one of our representatives to determine which method is right for you and your company. We’ll walk you through the entire process so you are making the most informed decision possible. Your advertising vehicles and other collateral will shine in the best possible light.

    Offset Printing Advantages

    • More Cost-Effective for High Volume Jobs
    • Higher Color & Image Quality
    • Prints on a Wide Array of Materials
    • Color is Real Using PantoneĀ® Universal Inks

    Digital Printing Advantages

    • Faster Turnaround Time
    • Each Piece can be Customised (Variable Data Printing)
    • Color is Simulated Using a 4-Color System
    • More Accurate Proofs

Personal Consultation from Start to Finish

We understand that not everyone knows how the printing process works. That’s why we’re here. From your initial call to the final product, our dedicated staff provides all the details you need to send your project through perfectly. From direct mail postcards to full color publication materials, snap mail offers you the best variety, the lowest cost, and the highest quality available throughout Australia.

Contact us today in Sydney for a consultation on digital and offset printing to showcase your business in full color.