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Direct Mail Solutions

Put your direct mail challenges into our hands and be rewarded with a jump in traffic that comes with loyalty and repeat business, which means a healthy return on your investment. At snap mail in Sydney, we’ll connect you one-on-one with your customers with our direct mail solutions. By using direct mail, you are speaking directly to your client and potential client base because all your pieces are fully customised. Direct mail marketing makes your client sit up and take notice. You have reached them on a personal level, ensuring your desired response.

Fully Customised

When you send a direct mail piece, you can address each customer by name. A personalised piece of direct mail provides relevance, rather than blindly sending out thousands of postcards to people who may not even use your products or services. Each customer is unique; why not take advantage of that by speaking to them directly?

Cost-Effective Marketing

When you work with us at snap mail, we ensure the best price and highest quality for your direct mail and marketing campaign, so you won’t go over budget. State-of-the-art high speed printing, database management, and postal discounts ensure your campaign receives a nice return on investment. What’s more, you’ll find our prices lower than our competitors, without sacrificing quality. Our staff possesses years of experience in successful direct mail marketing in Sydney and throughout Australia. Fast turnaround means your campaign launches quickly and efficiently.

Measuring Your Success

How do you measure sales from radio, TV, or billboards? It’s difficult, isn’t it? That’s why direct mail is such a great tool to market your products and services. You target each decision maker individually, making it simple to calculate a return on your investment and an increase in your bottom line. Mass advertising means you are blasting the population with your ads, while you sit back and hope for new clients. Direct mail reaches customers on a personal level, making them feel important and more likely to respond.


Contact one of our representatives today to discuss your advertising challenges. We offer proven and successful solutions, fully customised for you and your potential clients.